Have You Met Red 10?

With a highly-anticipated North American summer tour on the horizon, the Royal Air Force Red Arrows demonstration team are well into winter training and...


Ops Bull


RAF Red Arrows Announce 2019 North American Air Show Dates

On Friday, February 8, the Royal Air Force Red Arrows on announced the air shows at which they will perform during their...


What We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

For anyone who has worked in the industry a while, it’s no secret that a successful ICAS Convention can be a springboard to a...

Viva Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a short email exchange with a member about some changes we are considering for the...

I Am a Millennial Spy and I Have a Suggestion

For the past decade, the buzzword of all buzzwords has been “Millennial.” If you have been living under a rock – “AFK” as...

Leading Indicators

As part of my own preparation for the upcoming ICAS Convention, I like to review air show incidents and accidents as a way to...

Simply Inspirational

Last month, during a memorial service for ICAS member and air show performer Jon Thocker, Jon’s adult daughter, Haley, said that her dad believed...
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It’s Time to Raise Your Ticket Prices

How much would you pay for this shoe? It’s crumpled, wrapped in duct tape, and otherwise unremarkable... save for the asking price of $530.00. On September...

Simply Inspirational

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