Social Media Continues to Highlight Public Engagement Opportunities


In yet another demonstration of the power that social media holds for a business as photogenic as ours, a short Instagram video of a Blue Angels sneak pass has gained attention and garnered more than 40 million views as of earlier this week. Originally posted on the Air Show Network Instagram page @airshownetwork on February 3rd, the five-second video shows a vapor-packed, low-altitude sneak pass at the Great State of Maine Air Show from early September 2021.

The footage has caught the attention of huge numbers of viewers in and outside of the air show community. One of the most viewed clips in the history of the air show business, this one video has helped showcase how compelling, unique and inspiring the air show business can be to people in North America and throughout the world. There is no other form of entertainment like it in the world and this viral reminder comes as the northern hemisphere prepares for what is likely to be a record-breaking year for air shows all over the world.

View the sneak pass video at

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