Navy announces F-35C “Flight Profile” Performances for 2020

© Photography by Larry Grace

In the 2020 season, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Strike Fighter Wing has selected a handful of air shows across the country to showcase the aerial performance of the F-35C Lightning II.  While the U.S. Navy’s primary focus is on operations and training the next 5th generation of fighter pilots, the service views these air shows as an opportunity to inspire future naval aviators, showcase the abilities of the new stealth fighter, and bring Carrier Aviation at its finest, to the American public.

As an aircraft specifically built for carrier operations, the F-35C flight profile includes a high-performance take-off, tactical pitch maneuver, and the carrier break to touch and go. “The team is looking forward to providing audiences a one-of-a-kind experience with the Lightning II.  It’s a brilliant, capable, and game-changing aircraft that America needs to see,” said Lt. Davis, one of the show’s pilots.

In multiple shows, the F-35C will join a Navy Tail Hook Legacy Flight, which the team will utilize to help further showcase Naval aviation. Focused on recruitment, sustainment, retention, and inspiration, the team looks to continue the long and successful tradition of Naval Aviation.

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