ICAS Launches Long-Awaited Air Boss Recognition Program

Air boss Jim Tucciarone

ICAS has officially initiated the new Air Boss Recognition Program (ABRP) to professionalize and certify the industry’s air bosses. Since 2012, ICAS has been working with the air boss community and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish a certification program that will increase air show safety and professionalism.

“The principal purpose of the ABRP is to provide appropriate oversight similar to how the ICAS-administered ACE program has operated with performers for more than 25 years,” says ICAS Vice President of Safety and Operations Dan Hollowell. “The program will also include a path for people who currently are not air bosses, but want to become one.”

The ABRP will be based on a review of multiple-choice test results, experience, recommendations and – in some cases – evaluation results for each applicant. Based on the totality of the prospective air boss’s application package, ICAS may make a recommendation to the FAA to issue the applicant a Letter of Authorization (LoA) to provide air boss services at three different levels: Basic, Standard and Recognized.

Basic Air Bosses may provide air boss services at uncomplicated shows with a small number of performers (five or less). Standard Air Bosses may provide air boss services at more complicated shows with a larger number of performers. Complex air shows – and, in particular, any show that includes military aerobatic performers – will require a Recognized Air Boss that will come in two different varieties. A Recognized Air Boss/Single Venue will be permitted to provide air boss services for complex shows at only one, specific venue. A Recognized Air Boss/Multiple Venue may provide air boss services at any complex show.

Current plans call for air bosses and prospective air bosses to work throughout the remainder of 2018 to meet the requirements of the ABRP with compliance becoming mandatory effective January 1, 2019.

Visit www.airshows.aero to learn more about the new Air Boss Recognition Program.

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