A Request from the Safety Committee to all Air Bosses


The ICAS Safety Committee would like to encourage all ICAS Air Bosses to ensure that each show—regardless of the show’s membership status with ICAS—has on file the performer extraction documents for all performers that have submitted their extraction plans to ICAS.  ICAS staff has underscored that it will assist any show in gathering these documents for the performers, who are most often ICAS members themselves.  The Safety Committee believes that air bosses can serve as a last line of defense to guarantee the use at every air show and maximize the implementation of this life saving tool.  

If you are an ICAS member at an air show that is not itself a member of ICAS, please contact Dan Hollowell at hollowell@airshows.aero to obtain a document containing the extraction information of ICAS member performers slated to fly at the show.

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The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) is a trade association dedicated to building and sustaining a vibrant air show industry to support its membership. To achieve this goal, ICAS demands its members operate their air show business at only the highest levels of safety, professionalism, and integrity.