You Still Need Water


As we press on into the late summer and fall, the temperatures will collectively fall across the continent.  With this drop in temperatures, our bodies can be fooled by the environment into thinking that we do not need as much water as we did in the summer months.  While this is partly true, the beginnings of these thoughts can lead us into thinking that we do not need to concern ourselves with hydrating at all.  The fact is that, regardless of the temperatures, your G-tolerance, decision making and situational awareness are directly linked to hydration.

And, of course, this message is not intended only for performer members of ICAS. Event organizers have a responsibility to make water accessible and plentiful on the ramp so that everybody has the tools necessary to avoid dehydration. Ground support personnel should also be aware that their ability to do their jobs is negatively impacted if they don’t stay hydrated.

So drink early. Drink often, but drink. For the record, alcohol, coffee and caffeine are all diuretics and increase fluid loss. Avoid them.

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