Individual Risk Management Worksheet


As you prepare for this upcoming air show season, it is important to take an inward gaze.  Self-analysis is unquestionably one of the most effective means of determining ones preparedness.  It is to that end that ICAS member Dwight Campbell developed a variation of the military’s self-assessment worksheet.  You can find the document here.  It is the recommendation of ICAS that air shows, air bosses and performers all provide many copies of this worksheet at the pre-show briefing, taking a couple minutes to discuss how to properly execute the risk assessment.

As we have worked toward an industry-wide safety management system, several ICAS members have given witness to the strength of the “SMS of One” mindset.  Using the individual risk management worksheet allows performers of all kinds to more accurately track one’s progress from a week to week and month to month perspective.  Having a historical perspective of your risk assessments will only allow you to more accurately gauge your daily assessment at an air show.

Air show performers:  Use this exercise before every flight.

Air show organizers:  Offer these to all of your performers and encourage them to take time in the briefing to fill them out.

Air bosses:  Work in time to the pre-show briefing to allow for this assessment.  It does not need to be more than 5 minutes.

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