Regulatory Update


As we cross into the middle of the 2018 air show season, it is important to note the status of several programs that were discussed at the ICAS Convention in December.  Specifically, changes to the FAA’s air show policy (Volume 3, Chapter 6, Section 1 of FAA Order 8900.1) and Revision 9 of the ICAS ACE Manual. 

·         FAA air show policy is currently in final editing and coordination within the Flight Standards branch of the FAA.  ICAS has been assured that this policy is being moved through the process as quickly as possible, but at this point, there is no timeline for its implementation or completion.  ICAS will continue to work to ensure that the changes brought about by this policy will have a minimal impact on the industry.   

·         Revision 9 of the ICAS ACE Manual was submitted to the FAA this winter, but it has not yet been formally approved by the FAA.  Until that time comes, we are still operating under the rules contained within Revision 8 of the ICAS ACE Manual which can be found here.  When Revision 9 is adopted, ICAS will immediately notify all performers of the change.

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