EAA Airventure to Implement Emergency Extraction Requirement


Pilots at EAA AirVenture may notice a new requirement in 2013. Beginning this year, performers will be required to have on file emergency extraction information with the CFR teams on site. ICAS has developed a system for providing this information in an effective way to event organizers at a minimal effort from performers. Performers can complete the template here and submit the file to hollowell@airshows.aero for inclusion on the ICAS website. Event organizers will be able to download these files and present the documents to the on-site crash fire rescue teams. EAA will be using the ICAS system to access emergency extraction information for each of the 100+ pilots expected to perform at AirVenture this year.

This important development is a significant step forward in improving the effectiveness of post-accident rescue operations. And it comes as a surprise to no one that AirVenture is leading the way yet again. “It was a no-brainer,” said EAA’s Dennis Dunbar. “Requiring our performers to have extraction information on file with our CFR teams was only common sense. We strive to produce the most professional air show with the most professional pilots, and this partnership with ICAS will help ensure that our performers continue to lead by example in the industry.” For any questions about how to fill out this form or how to institute the same kind of system for your air show, contact Dan Hollowell at hollowell@airshows.aero.

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