For the Announcers


The professional air show announcers all have a script that is commonly referred to as “the last page.” Variations of this script were developed for use in case of an accident and may have minor variances from announcer to announcer.  However, there are some common messages that your announcer should be passing along to your spectators in the event that a mishap should occur.  Specifically:

  • Encourage parents to get their children close and away from the flight line. In the event of an accident, there is a natural surge toward the crowd line. It is important for families to be close and away from any potential rush of people.
  • Do not cross the crowd line or try to assist. Emergency crews are on the way, and need clear access to the mishap location.
  • Look around and make sure emergency vehicles are not moving near you. If they are, please yield to them so they can get to the mishap location as rapidly as possible.
  • Stay off your cell phones. Emergency personnel need those channels open for critical communications.
  • Inform the crowd that there will be a delay in the program until the mishap is handled. Invite them to get a drink and possibly some food while they check out the static aircraft.
  • Any video of the incident/accident taken by spectators should be brought to the nearest event official so that it may be duplicated in event that a post-mishap investigation is necessary.

Obviously, this topic is never welcomed, but as anyone who has been at an air show mishap would tell you, a well prepared announcer makes a monumental difference.

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