Jet Vehicle Best Practices


In the spring of 2009, the ICAS Safety and Operations Committee appointed a committee consisting of the ICAS SMS committee and members of the jet-powered vehicle community to review and revise the “Guidelines for Hosting Jet Vehicle Demonstrations at Air Shows” that it originally published in 1993.

The principal changes were:

  • A recommendation to the ICAS Board of Directors that the Safety and Operations Committee develop a jet vehicle approval committee to okay vehicles to be used at air shows.
  • Eliminated verbiage banning passengers from rides in jet vehicles. The new guideline shall state there will be no passengers while the air show is open to the public. Runs with passengers shall be conducted on media/practice days only. Rides with passengers shall only be permissible with the concurrence of the air show producer. The aircraft rescue and firefighting shall be notified as to the number of passengers on each run. Additional verbiage shall define the runway conditions and winds necessary to carry passengers.
  • Section 8.d has been altered to more closely define the lighting of afterburners and the required distance of the vehicle from the crowd line as well as the direction of exhaust.
  • A more definitive requirement of vehicle insurance.

The full Jet Vehicle Best Practices document can be found here.

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